About Us

Ten years ago we embarked on a crazy journey to build a log home from scratch with no construction experience other than two days of classroom teaching. It ended up taking way longer and being way harder than we thought, but we learned so much about ourselves and our capabilities. We were worried that we were expecting too much of our kids, but the opposite happened. They rose to the occasion and the skills they learned gave them a new confidence.
Then we began working with children in the foster care system. We realized that these kids were aging out with no skills at all and being expected to be able to succeed. From our experiences with our kids we realized that kids are capable of learning so many skills and actually thrive when given the opportunity. They just need someone to love them and believe in them. And so this website was born…

In case you want to know a little more about us..
Keith grew up in the South and loves adventure and trying new things. His first business was selling chicken eggs when he was a kid. He became interested in computers at a young age and has worked in the IT field for many years. About twenty years ago, he started one of the first internet service providers in the Florida Panhandle. His most favorite activity is sawing logs at the family sawmill. He loves all things Lord of the Rings.

Rachel was raised as a military kid, and then her parents became overseas missionaries so she has traveled the world. She loves hearing people’s stories and drinking sweet tea. If she can do both at the same time, it’s a bonus. She has a degree in Business Administration, but she has learned way more from raising kids and managing a household. If she has any spare time, she likes to build furniture.

Ashton graduated from college in 2019. He has moved out on his own so you won't see him around much. He is our walking encyclopedia who loves helping people and doing things behind the scenes.

Rebecca graduated from high school in 2021 and is going into her sophomore year of college. She plans to become an art therapist. She works at the university during the year and as a camp counselor in the summers.

Jenna has loved cleaning and organization from a young age. She was notorious in the nursery for trying to get all the other toddlers to clean up way before the teachers were ready to stop. Her most favorite thing to do is play volleyball. She is a junior in high school and will be dual enrolling at the local university this year.

Hudson saw his family start on the exciting adventure of building a log home from scratch with no prior construction experience when he was two years old. He fell in love with all things construction and could often be seen hammering nails for hours into an old stump for practice. He is going into the tenth grade. His interests are fishing, construction, small engine repair, and hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Eric is the youngest of the family. He's nine years old and has the energy of five adults. He loves to do gymnastics, play games, and draw. He is very inquisitive and is always asking deep questions.