Episode-066-Goal Setting with Esther Freeman (Part 1)

Episode 066

Goal Setting with Esther Freeman (Part 1)

On today’s podcast we chat with Esther Gonzalez Freeman. As she tells us in the podcast, when she first went to college she really struggled, even though she had done well in high school. After learning some hard lessons about resilience, authenticity, and the true nature of success, Esther went on to earn a BA in Political Science and an MS in Leadership and has since turned her pain into purpose.

Now a highly sought-after speaker, facilitator, writer, and a successful board-certified career and business coach, she is passionate about motivating, empowering, and guiding others to create fulfilling, purposeful, and balanced lives. Over the course of her career as an educator and coach, she has helped thousands of students clarify and move closer to their goals while encouraging them to ask for help, come back from failure, and live life on their terms.

We talk about the importance of goals and the steps to setting goals that you can achieve. We also talk about what you can do when you run into obstacles and how parents can best support their teens in their goals. To listen to part 2, go here

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