Episode-069-Why Does My Teen Do Crazy Things?

Episode 069

Why Does My Teen Do Crazy Things?

Hudson and I had a great time chatting with Charle about the teenage brain and all the changes it experiences during adolescence. This was such a fascinating conversation! This knowledge can help you understand your teenagers better and lead to a better relationship as you work together to navigate this time.

Charle Peck serves districts and school leaders as a consultant with over 20 years of teaching and mental health leadership experience. After witnessing gaps in our overburdened education system, she pursued a Masters’s degree in Social Work to explore more effective, sustainable solutions. Charle’s clinical work in trauma with struggling families, undervalued teens, and disenfranchised school staff guided her in co-creating a revolutionary program to optimize the well-being of entire school communities. Charle continues to support overwhelmed parents and caregivers with their anxious teens and speaks to large groups to share her expertise as a Keynote Speaker.

Using her unique lens as an educator, a therapist, and a parent to help others, Charle infuses evidence-based data to develop targeted mental health programming for schools, specifically around anxiety, trauma, and suicide awareness, while promoting self-care. She designs and delivers online courses and virtual training internationally, and as the Co-Founder of Thriving Schools Consulting, LLC, she invests her time and energy into reaching people on a massive scale, one community at a time.

You can find more information about her at https://thrivingschool.org

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