Raising Teens Who Make a Difference with Natalie Silverstein

Your teen can make a difference even if they are super busy! Listen in as I chat with Natalie Silverstein about simple things that we can do as parents and teens to give back to our communities.

Natalie Silverstein, MPH is an acclaimed author, speaker, consultant and advocate for family and youth service. Her greatest joy is partnering with parents, educators, camp and after-school professionals in mentoring the next generation of purpose-driven leaders. She has also combined a life-long love of writing and story-telling, and has written two practical, actionable and inspiring resource guides for families and teens. Her first book, Simple Acts: The Busy Family’s Guide to Giving Back was selected as one of the Top Ten Books for Parents Who Want to Raise Kind Kids by the HuffPost. Her second book, Simple Acts: The Busy Teen’s Guide to Making a Difference was just released in July of 2022. In it she helps teens discover how they can use their passion and talents to serve others.

She is also the podcast host of the Simple Acts, Big Impact Podcast which highlights teenagers who are making a difference.

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