How to Keep Your Teen from Becoming a Hot Mess w/Rosemarie Groner

As parents we often do things for our kids because we love them. But can we do too much? What can we do now to help them become confident young adults who are capable of handling life on their own?

Join me as I talk with Rosemarie Groner about core foundations that we can teach our kids now that will make the rest of their lives easier. Rosemarie is one of my favorite organization and budget experts. As a young married couple, she and her husband struggled with their finances and keeping their house in order. She came up with a system that ended up helping not only herself but so many other people! She has taught over 18 million people how to budget and save money (even if they’re a total hot mess). She teaches how to get the best results with the least amount of effort and specializes in the toughest cases of chronic disorganization. 

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