Summer Skills Challenge Gift Card Details


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How do I earn gift cards?

While you are working on the challenge, take a pic of yourself doing the task and post the picture on you or your parents’ social media tagging our Raising Confident Teens Facebook and/or Raising Confident Teens Instagram page with the hashtags #raisingconfidentteens and #summerskillschallenge2022. Every time you do that you will be entered in a drawing that we will have at the end of the challenge to win a $50 Amazon gift card. So the more challenges you do, the more chances you have to win!

Also if you invite a friend to join the challenge and they reply to the two questions in the Welcome to the Challenge email, you both will be entered into another drawing to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

For the purposes of the gift card drawings, we ask that the challenge participants be between the ages of 10-20. You can a receive an entry for inviting a participant, no matter your age.

Drawings for the gift cards will be done on August 1st.


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