Plumb Crazy!

Have you ever had the water in the toilet start to rise on you? That’s a horrible feeling to experience especially if you are at someone else’s house. Or maybe you have a toilet in your house that just won’t stop running. Situations like these sometimes occur. If so, you might need to turn the water off to the toilet. It’s really easy to do. All you have to do is go to the back of the toilet and look for the knob. Just turn it to the right and it will stop the flow of water to the toilet.

Sinks are similar to toilets, but they have two knobs (one for hot water and one for cold water). Just look at the water lines under the sink and follow them until you find the knobs. Turn them both to the right. Knowing how to turn off the water to both the sink and toilet is good to know. It’s easier to prevent a mess from happening than to have to clean up a big mess afterwards.

leaking sink

Your turn: Find the shut-off knob on both your toilet and your sink. Turn off both the knobs to the sink. Turn on the water to make sure nothing is coming out. Turn it back on so your family doesn’t get upset when they try to wash their hands. Don’t forget to take pics and post on social media so you can be entered into the gift card drawing!

If you would like a printable of this challenge, you can find it here.

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