Podcast Guests

Podcast Guests

We are so glad you are joining us on the Be Daring Life podcast! We look forward to talking with you!

During the interview we will be using “Zencastr” for the recording. This means that you will only need a computer using the Chrome web browser and a good internet connection (as well as some quiet!!!). It would definitely be best if you use a headphone/headset and microphone for optimal sound quality.

To begin you simply go to https://zencastr.com/bmurphy96/krissy-walters

You will first need to enter your name which will show during recording and post-recording as a way of keeping track of the individual tracks. (As a side note — if you are interested — Zencastr actually records an audio track for each person in the interview. Post-interview these are simply downloaded and imported into the audio editor. Allows for easy editing with separate tracks).

The screen you will see after entering your name will look something like this:


Now you won’t have the same “start recording” option..but the basic layout will look the same. In the upper-right corner there is an icon right below “Dashboard” that looks like a cog ….. this is your settings option screen. You have a mute option (the microphone) that you can use if needing to cough, etc. There will two or three or people in this session. They will each have a separate line similar to your own. 

You will want to configure your settings for optimal sound quality – probably something like this:


You probably want to do something pretty similar to what is above. Configure your audio input output to your external microphone and headset. We found in testing that the monitor should probably be disabled. Every thing else should stay the same. Make sure you click “Save Settings” when done.

That’s pretty much it. We can voice-chat before beginning the recording in order to get in sync and resolve any outstanding issues you have.