Teens celebrating as they face the sunset

Our Beginnings

We are so excited to announce what has been going on and the new direction we are taking!  When we first started we didn’t know exactly what we were doing.  We knew that we wanted to teach teens life skills because we had seen what a difference it had made in our own kids’ lives. So we started sharing videos and posts and just trying to help out others in their journey.  We added a podcast (we know we sounded terribly awkward at first) which has been a huge learning experience.  We now have over twenty episodes and feel like we have been able to share valuable content. 

In the beginning, we struggled to find a name that reflected what we were doing.  Every domain that sounded good to us had already been taken. We decided on Be Daring Life because we want kids to get out of their comfort zone and see the fun and adventure life can bring. We were tired of trying to find a name, yet something about it still wasn’t right.  The name really did not give a clue about who we are or what we teach. 

New Direction

As we have progressed more and more in our journey, we came to see that it was not just about teaching the teens.  We want to not only teach the teens, but also come alongside the parents and support them in this journey, offering them as little or as much support as they need in the moment. So once again we felt the need to begin a search for a new name.  We wanted people that do not already know us to be able to have a clear idea of what we do just from hearing our name.  With that said, we have found a name that we are excited about.  Be Daring Life is now Raising Confident Teens!  We feel like this new name will make it easier as we seek to help as many parents as possible successfully launch their teens into the adult world.

 If you want to hear more about our plans for the future and the exciting new stuff we have coming up, head on over to our latest podcast where we discuss all that is going on.

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