What does school success look like for your teen? Sometimes we forget that our teens really want the same things that we want. They want to do well in school and in life, but sometimes they need a little guidance. On today’s podcast Jenna and I had a great chat with Miranda Lamb, also known as the reluctant cowgirl, about proactive steps that we can take to get the school year off to a great start. Miranda took her years of experience working with teens and their parents and found a couple of key areas where teens most commonly struggle. Then she designed a contract that parents could use to think through and discuss these areas with their teen.

I want to highlight a couple of the steps here:

Discuss Expectations

The first step is to discuss expectations early. Be proactive. Don’t wait until a problem arises to realize that you are not on the same page as your teen. Every parent will have different expectations. Your expectations are not necessarily right or wrong, but the need to be clarified. If they don’t know what you are expecting them to do, you really can’t get upset when they don’t do it.

Set Up Routines

picture of Miranda Lamb

Many teens stay up very late and are not getting adequate sleep. It is great to discuss what time they need to be getting to bed and what they can do to wind down. It is also a great time to pack a lunch or lay out clothes. This will avoid them having to rush around in the morning trying to find clean clothes or food to put in their lunch. The less stress and anxiety the morning has, the better the day will be.Also a morning routine will help them get everything important done before they leave for school.

To listen to the rest of our conversation about setting your teen up for school success, check on the podcast page.