Our littlest guy loves to watch American Ninja Warrior. You would think he was in training for the show. He is always climbing up the door jambs and hanging upside down from the couches. The other night we decided to watch an episode of the show together. The contestants always amaze me because I don’t think I could make it three seconds down the course. What is even more amazing is that tthis season the minimum age of the contestants was lowered to fifteen. 


We watched one teen, Isaiah Thomas nicknamed Flyboy, who made the obstacle course look effortless. He had been a past contestant on American Ninja Warrior Junior, and this was his first time competing on the adult course. Many of the older contestants did not make it all the way to the end. He flew through the course and finished with the fastest time, even though he had a sprained ankle. 

At the end he was standing on the last obstacle next to the buzzer. The announcers asked, “Did you ever imagine that at fifteen you would be standing atop the warped wall with the fastest time of the night?” Isaiah answered,  “Every day.” In the past, I would have thought to myself, “Man, he’s a cocky kid.” But after spending the last few years really focusing on goals and seeing the effects of that, I know he was right. That is a big part of the reason he was standing there. He thought about his goal every day, and he not only thought about the goal, but he took consistent action towards that goal. He had already run through the course in his mind and in practice thousands of times. 

What’s your goal? What actions are you taking now to get you there? Start writing out a few of your goals every day. Having to write them out will cause one of two things to happen: you will either re-evaluate if that is what you really want because you aren’t doing anything or it will  cause you to take action towards those goals. Either way, it will get you closer to where you really want to be.