Episode-012-How to Help Your Teens During Social Isolation

Episode 012

On today’s podcast Rachel chats with Cheree Calhoun about how to help your teens during this stressful time. She has lots of experience helping kids who are struggling and gives some great advice, not only for the teens but also for their parents. She talks about how stress will present itself in our teens, and how to help our kids learn how to manage it. She also gives tips on helping them grieve and reminds us that their brains process things differently than an adults. I love this statement she made, “Great things can come from where we are right now.” Listen and know that we are rooting for you and will do all we can to help you!

We just wanted to let everyone in our Be Daring family know that we are praying for them and if they need us to pray for anything they can email us at rachel@raisingconfidentteens.com. This is something that none of us would have chosen. Things may not turn out the way that we want, but we are going to be ok. The human spirit is amazing, and you can handle more than you think you can. You guys might feel trapped and want to be back to your familiar routines, but you can do this and you can use this time to find the good and find the opportunities.

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