Episode-038-Teens and Screens

Episode 038

Teens and Screens

Since 1996, Joshua Wayne has worked with kids in just about every setting imaginable: drug and alcohol treatment, with at-risk foster youth, community mental health, private practice and as a Director of Special Education at District of Columbia Public Schools. He helps youth face the challenges in front of them and make smart, empowered decisions as they navigate towards adulthood. He also teaches parents, teachers and other caring adults how to best love and support them through this process. Joshua holds a Master’s Degree in Counselor Education from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. He has been featured as a Life Coach on the Style Network and is the co-creator with Josh Shipp of the One Caring Adult online community.

He is the author of the book The Simple Parenting Guide to Technology. He joins us on the podcast to give us practical advice on smartphones, gaming and social media. He gives us ideas on how we can set technology limits for our teens and guide them in learning moderation.

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The Simple Parenting Guide to Technology

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