Episode-045-How to Become a Millionaire

Episode 045

How to Become a Millionaire

Join me on today’s podcast as I chat with Luke Villermin, author of A Teenager’s Guide to Investing in the Stock Market. As a middle schooler, Luke because interested in the stock market. When he was fifteen years old, he got a job just so he could earn money to open up a retirement account. His passion is to educate young people about investing so that they use time to their advantage to build wealth.

I highly recommend his book! It is an easy read. My thirteen year old read it and wants to share it with his friends. I asked him what he learned from it. He said, “I need to get a Roth.” If a young person would take these lessons and start investing, it could potentially save them millions of dollars.

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A Teenager’s Guide to Investing in the Stock Market

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