Episode 057

Improving Parent-Teen Communication

This was such a great episode with Dr. Cam!

Cameron (Dr. Cam) Caswell, PhD, the “teen translator,” is an adolescent psychologist, family success coach, host of the Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam podcast and Parenting Teens Power Hour, and is the author of Power Phrases for Parents: Teen Edition. For over a decade, she has been teaching moms how to be C.A.L.M parents in order to build strong, positive relationships with their teens.

She gave us lots of tips on how we as parents can better understand our teenagers and help them feel heard.  She didn’t let the teens off the hook though.  She also gave them some tips on things they can do to improve communication with their parents. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode with Dr. Cam! She has a gift of helping you see things through perspectives other than your own.

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