Episode-059-What’s Up With The Crypto Craze?

Episode 059

What’s Up With The Crypto Craze?

All of this talk about cryptocurrency can be very confusing. So today we asked Keith to join us and give us some insight. In case you didn’t know he has been involved with crypto for many years and has recently started the podcast Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency.

We feel like this is a major development in our world today that is going to change the way our teens handle money and banking. So we just wanted to give a basic beginner crash course on the subject.

Some of the things we covered:

  • Why would someone want to own crypto
  • Why would someone want to own crypto
  • What are some of the advantages
  • What are some of the disadvantages
  • How do we decide which currencies to invest in

We hope that this episode gave you more insight and understanding into the world of cryptocurrency! If you want to go deeper, check out the Generational Wealth with Cryptocurrency podcast available here on Apple podcasts (and many other podcast platforms).

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