If you continue doing what you are doing, will your teen be ready to launch out on their own?


Do you want to help your teen gain the skills that will help them succeed in life?

Would you like to help your teen grow in their confidence?

Are you afraid that your teen may never leave your house and will still be living in your basement in their 30’s?

Would you like join a community of other parents who think like you do?

Do you wish someone would walk you through teaching your teen all the skills they need to know?

Help is on the way!

Join our membership where we come alongside and help you teach your teen life skills that will help them become confident, responsible adults!

Who is this group for?

This group is for you if:

  1. You love your kids
  2. You are committed to their success
  3. You can think long-term
  4. You don’t want your adult kids dependent on you
  5. You are willing to occasionally say, “No,” to your teen
  6. You want to spend more time with you teen
  7. You are willing to learn and teach
  8. You don’t want to worry about their basic survival
  9. Want to be in a community of people who get you
  10. You want your kids to grow in confidence

This group isn't for you if:

  1. You are more interested in your kids liking you than their growth
  2. You don’t want to put in any effort
  3. You don’t care about your kid’s future
  4. You don’t want to take action
  5. You are too busy to plan for the future
  6. You’ve already taught your teen the skills they need
  7. You don’t have kids or grandkids
  8. Your kids are trustfund babies
  9. Your kids are on their own and doing fine
  10. You just want somewhere to complain about your teen and aren’t willing to take action

Why should you join?

We walk you through each skill that your teen will need to succeed in the world today. You can either watch the training and teach your teen the concept, do the trainings together or you can have your teen view the videos. We supply worksheets that you can print out that will help reinforce the concepts that we are teaching. When you have completed all the workbook sections you will have a great reference manual that your teen can use as they begin life on their own.

To be informed of when the membership opens, join the waitlist! Email to reserve your place!

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