Welcome friends to the first post on our site!  This site has been more than a year in the making, and it feels good to finally be getting it going.  Ten years ago, we started on a grand adventure to build our own log home. We had absolutely no construction experience, other than a two day class. We are pretty sure all our friends thought we were nuts. We learned so much through the process about ourselves and about life. Along the way wer noticed how this experience molded our kids.

Kids want to be challenged. They thrive on it, but our environment today doesn’t foster it. We are missing out on watching our kids achieve and learn some great life skills. Our desire is to help kids realize that they can do more than just sit around and play video games. We are building young men and women, and if we wait until they are out of school to start teaching them, we miss out on some very formative years. It is our goal to encourage kids to be productive and make a difference even at a young age.

Some of our posts will be geared for parents, and then some of our posts will be done by our kids for the kids.  We will have a variety of posts-training videos, book reviews, interviews, live interactive videos, along with the good ole written words. Learning doesn’t have to be dull and boring!  It’s more fun if you have someone on the journey with you, so come on!  We are waiting for you!

If you have certain content you want us to discuss, feel free to message us.  We’d love to have your input! Also please like us on Facebook and Instagram at BeDaring.Life.