Recently we went camping with some friends for two nights. When we were getting ready, I was tempted several times to say, “This is just too much work, forget it!” But it was worth all the effort. If you are like me, whenever you are home you are overwhelmed with the lists of things that need to be done. Sometimes you just have to get away from all those lists and force yourself to disconnect from things, in order to connect with what is most important – people. We had no cell phone or internet service. All we had was who and what was right in front of us. We ate lots of good food, burned a lot of logs, and made lots of memories. This is something that does not have to cost lots of money. We go to a state park near us that has group sites that are only a dollar a person. If you are just starting out, you can probably borrow most of the gear that you would need. We have one friend who loves to be with us, but hates camping so she sleeps in her car while the rest of her family sleeps in a tent. Another friend convinced her husband to bring a real mattress. These are the things that make up the great stories that you and your kids will tell for years. Block some time in your calendar soon to do something outdoors, whether it be just a day hike or a week-long camping trip, to get away from your normal everyday stuff and spend some time doing some real connecting.

Kids’ Perspective by Hudson

I think kids spend too much time on devices. They don’t ever go outside any more. When we went camping, I had a lot of fun playing games with my friends. When you tell stories about fun things that have happened, do they usually involve electronics? No, they usually involve something you did or some place you went. So go out there and do something and don’t forget to be daring!