Hey guys and gals! So glad to be chatting with you today.  I’m going to be sharing some thoughts that have been rattling around it my brain the last few days.

I was talking with a dear friend this week who was in an accident in his thirties and became paralyzed on one side.  He was telling me how much he missed exercise and the exhilaration of running. During the conversation, I was reminded of the last time I exercised.  It was not done with a grateful heart, but more like a complaining attitude.  The talk reminded me that I can choose my attitude in life.  It doesn’t have to be, “I have to exercise.”  It can be, “I get to exercise.”  This friend would love to have the opportunity that I have every day to move his body.

What about you?  Is your self-talk positive or negative?  You don’t have to go to school; you get to go to school.  You don’t have to go to work; you get to go to work.  You don’t have to do chores; you get to do chores. 

Where can you replace “have to” with “get to” today?  Many people would give anything to be able to do what you “have to.”  How fortunate we are!  Change that one word and watch your perspective shift!