The other night while wandering around Walmart, my friend said “Why don’t we follow a Bob Ross tutorial?” and I thought, “Well, why not!” So we picked out canvases, paints, and paintbrushes and then headed to my house to get started. The both of us had very high expectations going into our project, and just a half hour into our painting we realized that it was not going to turn out how we had hoped. Not only were we using the wrong kind of paint, but we also didn’t have all the right brushes or experience!

After two hours , we were done, however our paintings did not turn out how we had thought they would.  We had high expectations of ourselves. But as the paint dried, we became more positive about it. We began to see all that we had done right in our paintings, while the whole time we were painting, we only had negative things to say.  The point of my story is that sometimes in the middle of a situation we get stuck in negative thinking, but once it’s over and we step back, we can see the good. So if you are going through a hard time, remember, don’t forget to look for the positive in it! Isn’t that what Bob would do?