This is somewhat of a deeper subject than we normally cover, but I feel like this is something that is important. The other day, I read a post from someone discussing the phrase-Ten more years or ten more visits. You guys know I’m all about perspective and this statement made me really think. She was discussing how many of our parents are aging. She was pointing out that we often think we have ten more years with our parents, but really some of us only have ten more visits.

When you are young, you feel like you are going to live forever. I want you to think about this in light of your grandparents or older relatives. Some of you may only see your grandparents once or twice a year. So though you may have five or ten more years with them, it may only be five or ten more visits. A year seems like such a long time, but a visit seems so short. Does that cause you to want to be more intentional with them when you are together? I hope it does.

Time is so precious and relationships are one of the greatest things you can invest in. So this holiday season when the family is gathered together, put down your phone. Play board games, sit around the table and chat, and let your grandpa tell that one story for the hundredth time.