This campfire recipe has become one of our favorites. The irons are inexpensive and can be bought at some sporting goods stores or on Amazon. Try to get a good quality cast iron one.

For the dessert pies you can use white bread, a pie crust or crescent roll dough. Spray it first with butter spray. If you have a double pie iron pinch together the seams of two of the triangles and press into one side of the iron. Then stuff with your filling. The easiest thing to use is a can of pie filling. We have also done a smores filling with Hersheys, marsmallows and graham crackers. Next take the top crust and place it over the filling and pinch it together. Lay the iron on the coals and cook for about two minutes, then flip it over and cook the other side. Check it to see if it is done. Just keep flipping and checking it every few minutes. How quick it cooks depends on how hot the fire is.

Another good campfire recipe is breakfast sandwiches with bread, eggs, sausage and cheese. They were so good! Jenna loves to make pizza pies with bread, pepperoni, sauce and cheese. The possibilities are endless!