This week on the podcast we discussed in more depth a principle that we had talked about in a past blog post- I have been doing this more consciously recently, and have been amazed at the results. If you have a goal and can work together with someone to get it accomplished, take a chance and ask! This is one of the biggest confidence boosting things that you can do. Are you any worse off for asking? If you don’t ask, that’s an automatic “No.” The fear of being rejected often cripples us so much that it keeps us from our purpose. Most people are not the scary monsters that we make them out to be in our heads. Many people would love to help, especially if you ask politely and you consider what you can offer them in return. No matter what their answer is, always treat them graciously.

How does this apply to you? Be willing to apply for the job or the internship. (Act like a professional when you do it. That’s a subject for another day.) Ask your cell phone provider for a lower rate. So many times we just think that we have to accept whatever the offer is, but I know people who have gotten their cell, utilities, car payments, and mortgage loan rates lowered just by asking. Ask that person you like out on a date. If you are struggling with a concept, ask your teacher for help. Be willing to take a risk. When you start making it a habit, you will realize it really isn’t that scary after all.

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