On this episode we discuss the last year on our No Sugary Drink challenge. A year ago this Thursday, three of us decided that we were going to challenge each other to see who would be the first to drink a sugary drink. It became a battle to see who has more willpower. All three of us are still at it, and I’m going to share several of the tips we learned this year that apply to anyone trying to accomplish a goal.

A little drink of heaven

Tip #1-The people that succeed in life, do not succeed because they have more will power than others. They succeed because they have systems and plans that help them. For example, it you want to eat healthier or save money by packing a lunch, make it the night before or keep some healthy snacks in your car.

Tip #2-Narrow your focus. Don’t try to improve yourself in a bunch of different areas at once. You may need to improve in all those areas. However, if you try to do it all at once you will get overwhelmed and end up quitting all of them. Just try to work on no more than a couple of areas at a time.

Tip #3-Find people who will encourage you. They don’t necessarily have to be doing it with you, but they need to be encouraging you towards your goal. If a friend is always wanting you to do something that does not make you a better person, it’s time to find a new friend.

Commit today to working on one of your goals. It’s amazing how quickly a year will pass. Will you look back with regret that you never started or satisfaction that you were able to improve yourself?

Listen to the podcast for more tips. Check our Facebook page on Thursday when we reveal whether we are going to keep going or give in to some sweet tea!