wallet with money inside
“You must gain control of your money, or the lack of it will forever control you. “-Dave Ramsey

We are so excited to be announcing the launch of our new finance course! Our goal is to serve teens and parents and give them the skills that they need to be successful in life. We have taken surveys and asked lots of questions about skills that adults wished that they had learned as teenagers.  The number one skill that people had wished they had learned was how to handle money.  We ourselves had challenges with money when we first got out on our own.  We know the stress and struggle that many young adults face with finances.

We decided that we wanted our own kids to have a really strong financial foundation, so we designed a program for them to practice real life skills.  We have taken the system that we used with our own kids and turned it into a course. The alpha version of our first Right Foot Finances course: Teaching Your Teen How to Handle Money will be launching the second week of March. This is the first run of the new course so we are going to be offering it at a significant discount.  The beta testers for this course will also receive a lot of one-on-one coaching.

When your kids leave home, based on what they know now and what you are currently teaching them will they be capable of managing money? Are you as committed to their money education as you are to their school, sports, or music? Would you like your kids to be more confident with handling money? If you would like to be better equipped in guiding your young adult in this area, we would love to help you!

For more information go to rightfootfinances.com.