We take over the podcast to talk about our story. We discuss the darkest time of our lives which we have never talked about publicly.  Marriage can be so difficult because you are bringing together two people from two different families who were probably not educated in the same way about money. In addition to that, one will probably be a saver and one will be a spender. We came into marriage like that; and it was a real struggle for many years. Add into that a business that we were trying to keep afloat and we ended up around $50,000 in debt with no income. We talk about what it was like facing the enormity and hopelessness of our situation. We were falling apart on the inside. If you want to listen to the discussion, you can find it here.

If you want to see the crazy Dave Ramsey video that we talk about on the podcast, you can find it here.

Basic personal financial education is one of the most important skills for teens today to learn. We want to see teens and parents succeed in this area and avoid all the bad financial decisions and potential heartache. Finance is a part of everyday life; we can’t avoid that component of training and hope it will all work out on its own. There are financial decisions to be made constantly, both small and large. The younger a person can become educated and experienced, then the easier it will be to succeed. The opposite is also true. Debt and poor financial decisions can lead to stress, divorce, health problems, and depression, along with all the money problems. Trust us, we know.

We are proof that there is hope-that things can be turned around. But what if we could avoid all of that with the next generation? After talking to lots of people, we heard from many people that managing money was one of their greatest challenges when they became adults.

We decided to take our system of teaching our kids and turn it into a course so we could help other parents. So we are launching our first financial course coaching parents on how to teach their middle schoolers and high schoolers how to manage money. If you would like more info about it, visit Right Foot Finances.