This week we interviewed Xaris Waltman on the Be Daring Life podcast. She is an amazing young woman who has a passion for music and storytelling. She has taken that passion and worked long and hard to develop it into a career that she loves. From a very young age, she began chasing her dream and starting performing at coffee shops and festivals. She amazingly has never had a professional music lesson, but has taught herself using the university of Youtube.

At the age of seventeen, Xaris went to an audition of The Voice just for fun and ended up being one of the less than ninety people chosen out of the 40,000 people who auditioned to be on the show. She shared with us what that experience was like. She also gave us great advice on what to do when people tell you “No,” when you are in the pursuit of your dreams.

Xaris has recorded an album and has another one in the works. She also travels all over doing festivals and shows. (All shows are temporarily canceled due to COVID-19).

To hear her great advice for young people, listen to the podcast now.

Drop by and check out her website!