So on this week’s podcast I was joined by all three of the kids as we discussed COVID-19, social isolation, and all the crazy stuff that is going on in the world right now. They talked about the emotions that they are feeling this week. We discussed some things that we can do when we are feeling overwhelmed emotionally, and things that we can do when we feel like the we don’t have any control.

We discussed the Level Up challenge that we designed for middle school and high school students based on this quote by Brendon Burchard, “How we handle transitions, is how we level up.”  Lots of hard things are going on right now, and they are going to continue at least in the near future. And we can sit around and worry and complain about all the things we are missing or can’t do, but what will that really accomplish?  It will just frustrate us and make us depressed, or we can find the opportunity in the crisis.  So we’ve decided to take this hard transition time and really show what we are capable of. We are going to learn new skills, make some memories and change our lives for the better. We would love for you to join us.  If you sign up we will send you a daily email with a couple of challenges-an easier one and a harder challenge, and some days have bonus challenges for the older teens.  Sign up to join us here.

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