We are on our third week of the Young Entrepreneurs series. On today’s podcast Hudson and I interview Brennan Agranoff of Hoopswagg. At the age of 13, Brennan noticed that he couldn’t buy any athletic socks other than in a few plain colors. He found a way to get himself some custom socks, and then all of his friends wanted some also. So he started a company that made custom socks. By the time he was seventeen, his company was doing more than a million in sales annually. Not only has he been able to build a great business, but he has also been able to help charities all over the world.

This was the hardest podcast that I have ever done. Not because of Brennan – he is so easy to talk to and down to earth, but I was having so many technical issues. I was having trouble hearing and everything that I said in the first ten minutes did not get recorded; poor Keith had to recreate the conversation. We did discuss some great stuff like:

The most important skills you can learn,

why relationships matter,

how to figure out what to do next,

how to find your thing,

how to set yourself apart from the competition, and

how to teach yourself anything.

You’ll want to listen to all of Brennan’s great advice for young people. If you missed the first two episodes in the Young Entrepreneurs series, you’ll want to hear those too.

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