In Part Two of the interview with Nathan Nguyen, he finally answers the question, “How do you win with money?” He also goes deep and shares so much great financial insight. We talks about why you want to find lots of problems, big problems, because problems equal profit. If you can become good at problem solving, you will become valuable to any organization.

We also discuss why you want to model your financial life after the sequoia tree. It is the mightiest of the trees, and there is one thing that it does differently than all the other trees. The fact he shared about the sequoia was one that I had never heard before.

Another great insight we discussed was to always check and make sure your goals and your strategy align. It is easy to get off track and forget what the goal is. You may be working hard, but if you are doing the wrong thing, you effort won’t be effective.

This was such a great interview! Nathan has such a heart for teaching people and helping people win. Listen to the podcast to hear the rest of his great advice!

You can find more info about Nathan on his website.