Confused and Overwhelmed

Are you worried about the expense of your teen’s college? Overwhelmed about the whole financial process and want to know what you should do when? Sometimes trying to navigate this new world can feel like trying to get through a difficult maze without a map. On today’s podcast we discuss two great strategies that you and your teen can use to save massive amounts of money for college.

There’s Hope

Our special guest for this episode is Jeannie BurlowskiJeannie is a full-time academic strategist, speaker, and podcast host. She is also the author of the book LAUNCH: How to Get Your Kids Through College Debt-Free and Into Jobs They Love Afterward. Her speaking, podcasting, and writing help parents set their kids up to graduate college debt-free and move directly into careers they excel at and love. Her work has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post, USA Today, NerdWallet, and US News and World Report, and on CBS News.

Jenna and I enjoyed talking to Jeannie about finding money for college. She has so much great information from her years of helping people get into college. Down-to-earth and fun to talk to, she makes what could be a boring topic, almost enjoyable. I highly encourage you to check out her website. She has tons of great content that will help families on their journey to get their children successfully through college without debt.

Not only is she a gifted speaker, she is also a great writer. I got so many good tips from her book. It is so easy to read and is broken down into manageable action steps, depending on the age of your child. Her book has led to many discussions at my house. Now my teenagers are excited about all the things that they can do to help find money for college and to set themselves up for greater college success. My only wish is that I had gotten this book before my oldest went to college.

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