Picture of Pamela and Zachary

On this week’s podcast I interviewed Pamela Wyville and her son Zachary about how to succeed in school with learning differences. Zachary began having difficulty with his letters and reading when he was in kindergarten. After extensive testing, they discover that he struggled with dyslexia. Pamela worked tirelessly to figure out how to help her son. Today he is a high school junior taking three AP classes and getting ready to get his driver’s license. Just because you may learn differently doesn’t mean you are destined to struggle and not do well in school. There are strategies and techniques that you can use to help you learn in a different, yet still successful manner.

One strategy that Zachary uses is to write his teachers a letter every year at the beginning of school. This puts him in and the teacher on the same team working together to help him have a successful year in the class. He explains it on the podcast, and they are giving away a template to help others that maybe benefit from this strategy.

Pamela and Zachary have such a heart for helping others. They have become not only great advocates for Zachary, but for all people with learning differences. They are in the process of creating a club to help kids and their parents with tips and tricks that they have learned in the last eleven years. A fun place where kids with learning differences can go for support and community. Visit their website to find out more information.