On this week’s podcast Jenna and I talk with Dr. Eddie O’Connor about what we can do to become a peak performer in all areas of our lives. Dr. Eddie is a clinical and sports psychologist who specializes in helping people remove the barriers to peak performance. There are so many barriers to peak performance like fear and anxiety, that trip us up and keep us from being our best.

We talk about how people often think fear and anxiety means something is wrong, but in reality those emotions can be good things that help us. He also gives us an easy question that you can ask yourself all the time to help you decide what you need to be doing next.

We talk about the way we have been raised to look at mistakes and how that has kept us from reaching our potential. Making mistakes is how we learn, yet we fear them so much that we avoid them at all costs. When we do make them we try to forgot about them instead of using them to improve.

If you want to read Peak, the book he talks about, you can find it here.

You can find Dr. Eddie at his website.

So much good information in this conversation! This content will help not only teens, but also adults become peak performers. You might even want to listen to this one twice.

Perfection is impossible, but excellence is within my grasp.” – Dr. Eddie O’Connor