On today’s podcast Hudson and I talk with Dr. John “Push” Gaines. John grew up in a neighborhood filled with drugs, crime and violence. He faced many struggles not only because of his surroundings, but also because he was born with drugs in his system. As a little boy, he came home to find his mother dead from drugs. He could have very easily been a statistic, but he had people who believed in him and helped him rise above all the things that were going against him. John tells the story of how one person’s belief in him as a first-grader totally changed his life.

Some of the things we discussed:

How you can combat fear,

How you can find your gift,

How to believe in yourself when no one else does,

How to motivate yourself when you feel like your dream is out of reach,

And how to keep your past from holding you back.

Listen as John shares a great message of hope and encouragement. We can all be more intentional about nurturing our own dreams and the dreams of those around us. Whose dream can you encourage today?

Dr. John “Push” Gaines links:



Push for Dreams Leadership Academy

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