Being great at starting a fire is all about technique. When we used to start a fire, we would have no trouble getting it going with pinecones and paper. Then we would get impatient and put sticks that were too big on there and smother the flame. Once we perfected the techinque, we have great results every time.

First make sure you clear out a good spot. Then get something like a ball of dryer lint, a balled up baby wipe, or Vaseline coated cotton balls to get it started. Place a teepee of very small sticks around what you are going to use as your starter. Light the starter. As the small sticks catch, begin adding slightly bigger sticks to the teepee. Continue increasing the size of the sticks until it is burning well. Then you can add your bigger logs. Enjoy your nice, warm fire and don’t eat too many marshmallows!