Juliette Blake

For our second podcast in the Teen Entrepreneur series, we interviewed the lovely Juliette Brindak Blake. At the age of sixteen, she co-founded the website Miss O and Friends, a safe place for preteen and teenage girls. The inspiration for the site came from Juliette’s sister, Olivia (Miss O). As a result of Juliette and her family’s hard work and determination, the website ranks in the Top Ten for Girls Only websites.

It has become an amazing community where hundreds of thousands of girls from around the world come every month to socialize, play, create, learn, exchange ideas, get help, get published and more. In the last few years Miss O and Friends has also expanded with the addition of the Youtube Premium Original series Hyperlinked, of which Juliette is the Creator and Executive Producer. Hyperlinked is a positive show which focuses on friendship, entrepreneurship, and females excelling in the STEM areas. It is based on Juliette’s story of building the Miss O and Friends website.

Juliette is an amazing example of creating a wildly successful business while also impacting the world for good. She makes me think of the fun aunt that you want to hang out with who encourages you to be your best self. We appreciated the great advice for young entrepreneurs she gave on the show, and you need to hear her story about the Spice Girls!

Here are some of the things we discussed:

How to get along with your siblings,

The importance of believing in yourself,

Why you need purpose,

What to do when you doubt yourself,

Her best time management tip,

And her crazy Spice Girls story.

We enjoyed chatting with her on the podcast, and we know you will enjoy it too!

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